lot's of high-fivesDecember 16, 2010

- meet the Everitt boys!  Family and kid mini-sessions are not easy at times, but 4 brothers can be “awkward city!!”  so I am pumped on this photo….they actually look like they are enjoying the session ;)  but in all seriousness…. most of the photos look like they want to punch each other, or just looked at me like I’m complete weirdness (I will say or do anything for a reaction). I had to share a quick image and I am also finishing up more edits and will share soon. Love, Hillary  XO


  1. “weirdness” we must be related!

  2. Billy said “They look like the Beatles” !!

  3. Love how you captured these all these boys! I have three of my own and find it impossible to get a shot of them all together without a war breaking out.Well done!

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